Reservation Cancellation

The optional reservations which are not confirmed until 2 weeks to presentation date are automatically left out of the scope of warranty.

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Supervision of the Advertisement Images

We request the advertisement material to be sent to our after sales support department in JPEG format and 48 hours before the printing. (Our company is committed to adhere to the rules of Advertisement Self-Regulatory Board).

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Printing Specifications

1-) CLP posters are needed to be printed on pale glossy paper which weighs 150 gr/m2 and specially printed for CLP. (If the specified type of paper is not used, the posters quickly tear, wear and wrinkle.)

2-) Billboard posters are needed to be printed on pale glossy paper which weighs 115 gr/m2, waterbased and blueback; paper which is especially manufactured for Billboard posters and also in printing process it needs to be printed in 4 pieces or one piece with paint specific to outdoor advertisement. (If the specified type of paper is not used, the posters quickly wear, tear and wrinkle. The glue which is used during the agglutination process needs to be denser than normal, and this deforms the posters and damages the advertisement unit.)

3-) It is mandatory to request the specifications of the materials to be used in Megalight and megaboard posters from our After Sales Support department. (We strictly deny and responsibility for the prints that are made without getting our written specification information.)

Our company can not be held responsible for any printing errors and late deliveries which arises from not using the paper types and the printing formats which are specified above.

4-) Led Board content and image preparation information; usable screen resolution 512 (vertical) x 640 (horizontal) pixels. Images which are created for maximum efficiency should suit this format. The font types should be at least 16 pixel height and bold. (16 pixel height font takes 96mm of board height.) The fonts should be in secondary colors than primary colors (red, green, blue) or white to increase the viewing quality, decreasing the energy cost, to prolong the life of the product and to attract better attention of the viewers.

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Printing Units

1-) The number of posters that are printed to be mounted in a city should be 

  • 110% of each CLP image 
  • 110% of each Billboard image

2-) We suggest to have a reserve poster made for Megalight offers which exceed 1 month of usage.

3-) The CLP locations and mount number may differ +/- 5%.

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Poster Delivery Date

1-) Posterlerin delivery dates;

  • Until 18:00 Monday for CLP 
  • Until Friday 18:00 for BB 
  • At least 3 days before the previous month’s last day for ADML and SML

2-) In case of past due delivery posters;

  • 20 TL for each poster in CLP;25 TL for each poster Billboardlards; 100TL in Megalightls; and in Rotational Megalights a fee of 175TL per surface will be invoiced as operating costs. 

3-) In yearly rentals, a number of 2 image change for MB and 6 for ML will not be charged, but if those numbers are exceeded the prices above will be valid for ML and MB will be priced no less than 250TL, depending on its dimension and locations.

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Mounting Days

Mounting days of the products are as below.
CLP: Wednesday between 10:00-24:00
BB: Sunday between 10:00 – Monday 12:00
ADML /SML/MGB: Between last day of month at 18:00 to first day of month at 24:00

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Terms of Payments

1-) 10% delay interest will be added to the invoices which are past due payment date, and this application will last for 3 months only. 

2-) Offer cancellations and date changes may only be made until 7 days to exhibition, any cancellations past due this period will not be accepted and 30% of the minimum offer price will be invoiced to the customer-agency. 

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Product Abbreviations

ADML: Megalight with poster changer
MGB: Megaboard
BB: Billboard
ML: Fixed Megalight
CLP: City Lights Poster

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