The province of Tekirdağ spans 6.313 km² and is hailed as “The Pearl of Marmara” with its Marmara coastline streching over 100 km. The population of Tekirdağ, which is normally 789.109 boosts up to 2.186.389 during the summer thanks to appealing coastline and notable festivals.

Tekirdağ contributes to the national economy in all sectors with its raw material resources, fertile soils, four Organized Industrial Zones, transportation facilities, qualified laborforce and rapidly-developing industrial investments, and all these make Tekirdağ the 1st fastest-industrializing Turkish city. A city rooted history that shares borders with İstanbul, a cultural mecca, Tekirdağ has always been an educational powerhouse. It has a literacy rate of approximate 98.9%. This hallmark aids Tekirdağ in its path to become a city reputed its universities.

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